MCL — с нами Дальний Восток ближе!


Our History and Horizons

  • 2001 – Magistral Container Lines was founded.
  • 2002 – MCL representative offices were opened in Vostochnny Port, in Seoul (South Korea) and Busan (South Korea). Seoul became the outpost of our company in Asia.
  • 2003 – MCL opens representative offices in Vladivostok and Finland.

    In this same year Resurstrans Holding OOO (RTH) appears on the Russian container cargo transportation market. RTH was entrusted with the task of creating and developing domestic agent network. Presently RTH is a well known brand on the Russian market although Magistral Logistics recently acquired the rights for the brand.

  • 2004 – MCL opens representative office in Shanghai. Our Shanghai office is assigned with the mission of establishing contacts with Central China business community. Also in 2004 extensive agent network launches in the North and South of China as well as new agencies in Japan, UAE, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.
  • 2006 – MCL opens and agency in Thailand.

Not all of our initiatives were equally successful. Just as with any other company, we sometimes need to resolve complex challenges, take risks, put strenuous efforts into maintaining positions that were gained and are sometimes required to maneuver or pull back. Thus, our representation office in Almaty (Kazakhstan) that we opened in 2006 could only operate for less than a year. The particulars of cargo export base in Kazakhstan would not give us a chance to bring our traffic fleet flows into balance and remain in that market.

However, thus far the company has a network that incorporates 49 agents and 5 representation offices in various ports and cities in Russia, China, South Korea and other Southeast Asia countries.

MCL's short-range plans include market representation in China both in the South and in the North, Service improvement and transport operations volume growth. For current year we plan an increase of sea tonnage and purchase of new railroad flatcars.

We continue making advance. Our professional and personal optimism is coming from persistent growth of both Russian and global cargo transportation market on one hand and on the other hand from believing in old Chinese proverb that says: "Not to move forward is to move backwards".