MCL — с нами Дальний Восток ближе!


Advanced Features

Magistral Container Lines is a maritime line carrier and has:

  • In-house fleet
  • In-house container pool
  • Extensive international network of agents
  • Highly efficient ground transportation management.

MCL provides services mainly in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

Most desired traffic route is the one that links Russia's Far East Vladivostok and Vostochnny ports with Central China (Shanghai and Ningbo ports) and South Korea (Busan Port). In all mentioned ports we have representative offices.

We carry out shipping operations from North and South China via Dalian, Xianggang, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hong-Kong, Shekou, Shenzhen and other ports.

We also secure our representation in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia; these countries continue to gain a significant importance in our cargo turnover. Our interests are also represented in India and UAE.

Magistral Container Lines railroad cargo operations in Russia are in no way less important. Being a major railroad freight forwarder, we heavily utilize the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Eurasia's largest railroad passage, to maintain an integral transportation system that enables us to deliver cargo in a Asia – Europe direction within a very tight schedule. For example, Shanghai –Moscow transit time with MCL is on the average 10-15 days shorter as compared to the Suez Canal and St. Petersburg route transit time.

Furthermore, we use Russian Railroad and TransContainer flatcars as well as proprietary extended flatcars that have a capability to carry two 40 feet containers (as distinguished from the standard flatcar with a holding capacity of one 40 feet container plus one 20 feet container). This feature allows our customers for tangible savings in terms of railroad shipment rapidity and volume.

Extensive domestic agent network significantly influences our service rapidity and quality. Today 26 agencies represent our interests in all regions of Russia including Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ussuriisk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Ekaterinburg and other major Trans-Siberian Railroad cities.

Another great advantage of our services is an option to make up trains on your own departing from Vostochnny Port to Moscow and other regions of Russia which also saves you transit time and traffic rates.

In Moscow and Moscow region we have technical facilities to accept, store and dispatch cargo from privately owned access ways. Besides that in these locations we have proprietary and rental motor vehicles for target loading.

Magistral Container Lines operating conditions make our services highly attractive both for freight owners and forwarders and secure leading positions for the company in this market segment.